Taking the benefits of microwave energy to industry.

TORWAVE is a new technology that changes the process industry landscape, delivering microwave energy with precision. Built on hundreds of sales of proven industrial equipment, TORWAVE processors combine Torftech’s expertise in the TORBED processor and the microwave engineering skills of the University of Nottingham.

TORWAVE processors offer: a processing revolution by enabling large scale, high temperature, and reliable industrial microwave processing. We understand the difficulties of industrial microwave processing, so TORWAVE has been designed from the ground
up with a focus on creating a robust, scalable, and flexible system. It can operate continuously and at high temperature with no issues from materials of construction. TorWave is unique in the marketplace. It is a robust system capable of operation at very high temperatures.


Superior Control

TORWAVE processors offer unparalleled control of process temperature, with total precision on the thermal gradient in your product.


A scalable processor with the combination of conventional and microwave heating, TORWAVE can be tuned to a wide range of processes, such as specialist drying, roasting and pyrolysis.

Specific Heating

Harnessing the volumetric and selective heating capabilities of microwave energy, TORWAVE processors combine this with conventional heating to match your process requirements.

Pilot Plant

The TORWAVE processor has progressed beyond the drawing board.

A pilot plant has been installed in the University of Nottingham laboratories. Designed initially as a prototype, it has been upgraded as a scaled down version of an industrial sized (100kW of microwave power) unit. The pilot plant can be used to test a broad range of materials and understand the impact of microwave energy in intensification of existing processes and how it unlocks innovative new products and processes. The pilot plant is available for testing, so we can see what the TorWave technology can do for your process. 

To date our TORWAVE pilot plant has been used mostly on food stuffs, including Cacoa, Coffee, Malt and “popped” snacks. Next steps will see testing on minerals, catalysts and other fine chemicals.

Coffee Roasting

Roasting with a TORWAVE offers many benefits to coffee roasters. Combining conventional hot air heating with microwave power offers total control over the roasting process.

We can change the way you process

Find out more about some of the processes for which our processors have been used.