Coffee Roasting

Slow Roast Flavour - Fast.

Roasting with a TORWAVE offers many benefits to coffee roasters. Combining conventional hot air heating with microwave power offers total control over the roasting process. It is also an intense process, with time reductions of up to 80% compared to conventional roasting, without any of the downsides of traditional fast roasting.

The TORWAVE also unlocks new possibilities for coffee flavour and extraction with increased bean surface area. This is all done in a fully electric system, displacing any requirement for gas burners.

TORWAVE roasting is a green solution to get more out of your beans.

More Flavour

TORWAVE roasting happens throughout the whole of the bean simultaneously, allowing flavour development without over- processing the outside or under-processing the inside.

More Flavour

Independent control of hot air and microwave power lets roasters precisely control the roast conditions and be flexible to get the most out of any bean.

Higher Surface Area

The high intensity heat transfer in the TORWAVE leads to increased bloating and porosity of the coffee beans, increasing surface area by up to 20%.

Fully Electric

The TORWAVE processor can provide all of these benefits with a fully electrical system, allowing a move away from traditional gas fired roasters, reducing CO2 emissions.

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