Mineral Processing

Originally conceived for exfoliation (expansion or puffing) of vermiculite, the TORBED technology has been adapted for a diverse range of thermal mineral processes, including roasting of sulphides, calcination of lime, calcination of clays, processing kaolin and producing metakaolin, dehydroxylation, drying, preheating, and many other applications. We are experienced with high temperature and demanding processes that require tight process control to produce superior products with a high energy efficiency, low maintenance solution.

The TORBED technology is ideally suited to mineral processes where energy efficiency, total footprint, process control, and fast reaction rates are important. This is especially prevalent with fine minerals, where the TORBED technology can be used as a flash calciner, or carry out other flash processes. Critically the high heat transfer rates means that during these flash processes the product surface area increases, which can lead to many desirable product outcomes. 


Food Processing

Torftech has over 35 years of experience supplying fully electric TORBED systems into the food industry for a wide variety of different processes, including snack food and cereal popping, drying of ingredients and starches, roasting of nuts, coffee and spices. and many more. We have a range of standard processors as well as the ability to provide bespoke systems of any requirement. Use TORBED processors for faster, greener processing and better tasting, more consistent products. Use TORWAVE processors where higher heat transfer and volumetric heating can bring greater benefit.

Popped products
Rapid and even processing in our food machines means that pellets are popped without a problem: no burning or under-processing. The TORBED and TORWAVE food processors are perfect for snack and cereal production.

Drying food powders and products is easy, with the ability to handle a wide variety of product sizes and moisture contents. The TORBED food machines can be used for flash drying, as well as drying of sensitive products where both temperature and moisture control are critical. TORWAVE food machines offer even greater control.


Excellent process control and homogeneity combine with the fully electric system for precision roasting of coffee, nuts, seeds, spices and more and potentially, a reduced carbon footprint.. The enhanced heat transfer and roasting time can increase the product surface area, improving flavour and extractability of flavour compounds.


The unparalleled heat transfer to seeds or herbs allows surface heating to occur to destroy contaminants without over-heating the overall product.


Sludge Processing

Torftech has over 20 years of experience in the paper industry, dealing with paper sludge to turn a waste stream in to a product stream. We have created systems for paper sludge drying, as well and for the calcination of the residual minerals in the sludge while combusting the remaining fibre.

The Intense processing in the TORBED reactor means that the paper sludge can be processed without problems around maintenance, and by making use of waste heat within the paper mill. By incorporating the TORBED calciner with the TORBED paper sludge dryer in many cases the system can be self-sustaining as well as providing additional energy to the mill, displacing some of the fossil fuel usage typically required for raising steam.

The TORBED technology can provide paper mills with a means of eliminating their waste streams, whilst in turn providing a net energy benefit to the mill and producing a product that can bring in revenue streams.


Waste Processing

Torftech has a long history of dealing with waste processing that requires specialist conditions or excellent process control. The TORBED technology
is ideally suited to these challenging processes when a tight control band is needed to ensure that there are no problems with under-treating the waste or with over-treating it and creating additional processing steps.

These wastes include oil contaminated fines, carbon poisoned catalysts, spent pot liners from the aluminium industry, recycled road stone, oily cuttings from drilling operations and many others. The low footprint of the TORBED reactor also means that it is an excellent solution for retrofitting into existing plants where waste control has become a new challenge.


Biomass Processing

There is significant global interest in processing insects for animal or even consumption. A TORBED processor has been used for separation of larvae from frass.

Looking at the broader insect plant flow sheet, our processors offer potential as gasifiers, creating energy from the frass and as dryers, where in either dry or wet rendering processes, they can dry insect derived proteins without damaging them. 

Widely used for processes that involve fines, TORBED dryers have been extensively deployed in both the food and biomass industries. In comparison to alternative technologies, they offer small scale, consistency of output and reduced mechanical complexity.
A process of roasting biomass, driving off water and reducing bulk. Torftech supplied its first torrefaction plant in 2010/11 and has continued since to refine the technology.
Flexible TORBED gasifiers display our hallmark control and flexibility, offering temperature control to prevent sintering of high alkali metal content biomass and the ability to accept and process pieces of biomass of varying sizes. Gasification in a TORBED produces syngas which can be used for power or heat generation together with a biochar with a high surface area (a characteristic of many materials processed in a TORBED reactor). The quality of the biochar varies with both the nature of the biomass processed and the precise process conditions. Biochar produced in a TORBED gasifier has been sold commercially for soil remediation purposes.

Where combustion, as opposed to torrefaction or gasification is the desired process, TORBED combustors offer their customary benefits of control, low pressure drop and small footprint. Useful and saleable byproducts are also possible, for example amorphous silica ash from combustion of rice husk: the quality of the result being a direct function of close temperature control.


Insect Processing

There is significant global interest in processing insects for animal or even consumption. A TORBED processor has been used for separation of larvae from frass.

Looking at the broader insect plant flow sheet, our processors offer potential as gasifiers, creating energy from the frass and as dryers, where in either dry or wet rendering processes, they can dry insect derived proteins without damaging them.


Carbon Processing

We sold our first processor to the carbon sector in 1992. It was used to dry coal slimes, turning a waste into a viable fuel. Since then, TORBED processors have been used to regenerate spent activated carbon and to create an active biochar at commercial scale and to torrefy wood to create biocoal, also at commercial scale.

The TORBED processor offers broad ranging processing capabilities for the treatment of lignite, sub-bituminous coal and coal waste ranging from drying to devolatilization to activation.


Catalyst Processin

The first TORBED processor used for catalyst regeneration was installed
in 1997. The ability to control strong exothermic reactions allowed the regeneration and recovery of catalysts and zeolites to be carried out faster and with greater precision. The precise temperature control achieved in endothermic calcination of catalyst substrates produces higher surface area support structures and more reactive catalysts.

There are several application areas where TORBED reactors are already utilised including:
• Catalyst manufacture
• Catalyst regeneration
• Catalyst recovery
• Zeolite regeneration

The TORWAVE processor with its combination of conventional and microwave heat sources, offers even greater process control where enhanced accuracy is needed.


Gas Scrubbing

The first commercial TORBED gas scrubbers were installed in 1996. The largest installed TORBED processors, they are used to remove hydrofluoric acid from exhaust gas streams. Our processors accuracy and thorough mixing make them ideally suited for gas scrubbing.

Gas scrubbing is the core of any carbon capture technology and we continue to collaborate on projects designed to test the efficacy of reagents in carbon capture.

We can change the way you process

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